CURIOUS – Shedgasms for Your Soul 02.11.2019

When: Saturday 2nd November, 2019, 4:00pm – 11:00pm   TICKETED 18+ event
Where: The Billinudgel Hotel
What: CURIOUS – Dj’s and Live Musicians creating Cosmic Osmosis – An extraordinary night from the team behind Nudge.

CURIOUS – Undoubtedly! Excite your senses and experience shedgasms as DJ’s + Live Musicians perform in the best sounding shed & garden in the Southern Hemisphere, presented by Cunning Stunts at The Billinudgel Hotel.   

Ignite your feet and get hot with the beats at November’s CURIOUS as DJ’s play soundgasmic sets with live guest musicians: DJ Stephen Allkins – 2 hour closing set, DJ Vinyl Richie, DJ Lord Sut with Adaja Black (vocals) and DJ Dale Stephen with Gabriel Otu (percussion).

Start your Saturday off right with the afternoon delight of Vinyl Richie who likes to party and spin tracks on precious wax. Making his shed debut and ready to get the party started with a Vinyl affair of the highest order.

Enhancing and increasing eargasms on the day, DJ Dale Stephen brings an all-vinyl house set to his collaboration with the master of African drumming Gabriel Otu raising the temperature so that your feet can’t stop to the beats! DJ Dale Stephen is co-pilot of Solar Love Machine on BAY FM, a co-founder of Cunning Stunts and a resident of CURIOUS. Gabriel Otu a West African performer, dancer and teacher grew up on the beaches of Ghana’s South Coast, starting traditional African dance at the ripe young age of 7, he is currently a master in playing percussion, singing and carving djembes. Based in Australia for over ten years, Gabriel’s drumming is renowned.  This collaboration is sure to provide you multiple ear and foot gasms with your hands uncontrollably thrown up in the air!

Eargasms & footgasms prepare you for the bodygasms you’ll be experiencing as DJ Lord Sut is joined on stage by the seductress of sound, powerhouse vocalist Adaja Black.  DJ Lord Sut, the founder of Cunning Stunts and the weekly radio show Solar Love Machine on BAY FM will be setting the beats with the most delightful treats for your dancing pleasure. As a resident of CURIOUS, Lord Sut’s sets are always full of the unexpected and keep the dancers wanting more! Adaja BlackStarchild, Shapeshifter, Powerhouse vocalist, freestyle MC & downright game changer. Adaja has been singing free style vocals over DJ Sets for 10+ years with residencies, releases and international tours and festival appearances lauding her talent. With over 500,000 collective streams online, she brings powerful love and life to all dance floors! This collaboration ensures bodygasms from start to finish.

What’s a shedgasm? It’s what you’ll experience during DJ Stephen Allkins 2-hour closing set! Stephen Allkinsbrings more then four decades experience in moving bodies on the dance floor.  Dance music royalty, he is one of the true pioneers of dance music in Sydney having played the very first disco clubs & warehouse parties circa 1978, he’s the original DJ’s DJ who has seen and done it all.  His studio work with Paul Mac as “Love-Tattoo” has produced club classics including “History of Disco” amongst others. Stephen was one the first Australian DJ’s to program RAGE on the ABC and to this day his live sets and productions are highly sought after. Guaranteed to shedgasm you through to your core, his sets always leave you satiated yet wanting more! 

CURIOUS – Cosmic Osmosis.  A melting pot of electronic stew, global grooves, dubby disco, and heart-opening house.  A Saturday evening service – each 1st Saturday of the month, curated for dancers and conscious party people to unite, connect with community and celebrate together consciously.

In line with all conscience activities Cunning Stunts represent, a percentage of the cumulative profits from our CURIOUS events will be donated to local charities.

Come and get CURIOUS 🙂

ExPecT tHe UnExPeCtEd. JoY, dIvErSiTy, LoVe & CoMmUnItY = Cosmic Osmosis

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Dale Stephen and Lord Sut CURIOUS JUly DSC_2804
Dale Stephen and Lord Sut
Gabriel Otu
Adaja Black
Stephen Allkins

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