How it all started – The origination of Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events

Our story so far….

Lord Sut aka Darren Sutton is the founder of Cunning Stunts – Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events.

He conceived the amazing idea in the Spring of 2015 and several factors contributed:

  • A personal desire to do something for our local community in a positive way.
  • Economic conditions – Sarah, his wife, had highlighted the recent news of the downward trend in funding for local NFPs especially for local grassroots charities and the lack of support they receive along with the reduced support and commitment the federal government was demonstrating.
  • A thought that whilst he personally could give time and money each month, both would have been limited, so he thought about how to extend the outcomes and create awareness and fundraising in a monthly focused event instead.
  • Prior experience – In 2000 Lord Sut created Peace Beats in Sydney – an annual Bondi Beach music festival that raised over $20,000 for Greenpeace in its 3-year run.
  • A desire to play a more eclectic and chilled vibe, one where music would be highly varied that wasn’t just hard dance music.
  • Venue inspiration came from Sut having played there previously and always thought it would be a great venue, its location would be central to a lot of people and he could envisage the shed being the perfect dancefloor.
  • A desire to do something different and unique.
Team Cunning Stunts
Team Cunning Stunts

Sut’s next action was getting his wife Sarah, and friends and radio partner Dale and his wife Laura on board to create the Cunning Stunts team and get it started.  Everyone jumped in, determining roles and responsibilities based on backgrounds and skills. Out of that came the legendary rest.

There was a pivotal moment in early discussions to determine if we could really get the DJs to play for free for this concept – So Sut sent out a message to a few DJs and the response and support for the idea was unanimous and positive – this response cemented the concept and we launched it in December 2015.

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink - Named as event of the year in 2016 by local media
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink – Named as event of the year in 2016 by local media

Determination, dedication, passion, good use of our skill sets, and organic growth has led to our success to date.  Ken, the owner of the Billinudgel Hotel has been a wonderful partner and grown with us in the process and has been a pleasure to work with as a venue partner.   Alongside the venue, we’ve been fortunate to grow our event with our sound partner Al Royale of Soundsgood Sound System and our lighting partner Tim Wild.

Rounding out the success has been a lovely village of sponsors, supporting businesses, prize donors, DJs, volunteers, the NFPs, local press and our loyal attendees – the Nudger’s.

The vibe that has been created is very special and comes from the intention of the event and the all-inclusive policy we stand by.


The Cunning Stunts team plan to continue to do great work and increase the fundraising capabilities at each event and through other endeavours they are currently planning and developing.  Team Cunning Stunts are committed to making a difference to our local communities, giving back and growing positivity for all.

Party with a conscience!   Love, peace and prosperity.  Cunning Stunts 🙂 xxxx

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Cunning Stunts brings together collective artistic skills, knowledge and community spirit to create awareness and generate funds for incredible local charities that tirelessly devote themselves to supporting and helping Northern NSW residents achieve a better quality of life.

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Lord Sut
Lord Sut

“Building Nudge to stratospheric levels from the initial idea it started with is one of the greatest and most rewarding things I have ever done in my life.  Seeing community connect, the bar constantly set higher and the real magic created at each event, has been a totally incredible experience and one I will never forget.  It’s all because of contribution.    To think that we have now donated over $54k to local charities to help improve the lives of local residents just blows me away.  I just can’t wait to keep seeing how far we can unleash the beast that is NUDGE. I have so much love for everyone who has helped and contributed to what has been achieved. We have all made a big difference in our community and that makes me so humbled and proud.”

Lord Sut, Founder and Mischief maker @ Cunning Stunts.

Dale Stephen
Dale Stephen

“Our Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events are the dream events I always wanted to be a part of. I am so proud and honoured to be a part of the Cunning Stunts team and to be involved with the running of our Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events. My greatest dance floor moments have taken place in that “shed”, both behind the decks and on the dance floor. “

Dale Stephen, DJ (Mr Sound & Stage Dude, Cunning Stunts)

Laura Peck
Laura Peck

“Nudge Nudge Wink Wink events and all that we do as the Cunning Stunts feeds my soul! Our purpose, passion, and the results of our charity work give to so many and in turn give back to us.  Pure love”

Laura Peck (Mrs. Publicity & Bucket $haker, Cunning Stunts)

Sarah Sutton and Darren Sutton aka Lord Sut
Sarah Sutton and Darren Sutton aka Lord Sut

I’m humbled to be part of a team that brings music, love & laughter to the community whilst raising funds for local charities at the same time”

Sarah Sutton (Charity Liaison, Cunning Stunts)

Ken Barnham and Alice Amore
Ken Barnham and Alice Amore

“Nudge nudge wink wink proves what community can achieve if it pulls together. The funds raised by the organiser’s and volunteers is outstanding .But the most enjoyable thing for me is how it brings out the uniqueness of our hotel and it’s ever growing acceptance of our diverse communities.”

Ken Barnham – The Billinudgel Hotel

Al Royale - sounds good soundsystem
Al Royale – sounds good soundsystem

“I have DJed and provided the sound system from the very first Nudge and it’s become my monthly Sunday Church, where I go to feed my spirit with Dancing, sharing music, and connecting with other groovers in Byronshire. It’s the sum of many parts that make it unique, but mostly it’s the music filled with soul, love, funkiness and fat beats, delivered for no other commercial benefit than to celebrate and provide help for those in need via small local charities. Rave On”

Al Royale, DJ and Soundsgood Soundsystem

Tim Wild
Tim Wild

“What more could I ask for on a monthly Sunday. Catching up with good friends & like minded people with great tunes & super cool vibes at a laid back venue. Oh yeah, raising money for wonderful charities. Am proud to be involved. See you there.”

Tim Wild, lighting

Stephen Allkins
Stephen Allkins

“I love Nudge because it ticks all my personal boxes of what a great party should have. Heart,soul,integrity, a community spirit, it’s a charity event with the money going to grass roots groups that deserve and need the funds they get, good music, great crowd, kid friendly, dog friendly (that’s a first for me and I love it) and a beautiful vibe. Its been an honour to be asked to play for the wonderful people that organise this truly wonderful event month after month and they do it for free. Love your work NNWW xxxxx”

Stephen Allkins, DJ

Scott Pullen
Scott Pullen

“I am blessed to be able to travel & perform at many clubs, parties & events around the world. The atmosphere at Nudge Nudge at the Billinudgel Hotel was nothing short of electric! The crowd were open minded & incredibly generous.  There was so much love in the shed. I was on such a natural high for days afterwards & it was an experience I will never forget. Thank you. X”

Scott Pullen, DJ (Managing Director, The Groove Academy)

John Lee - You have a Friend
John Lee – You have a Friend

I am writing to sincerely thank you for your wonderful efforts. Not only just recently, but for what you have done for us over the last year.

To give you some idea as to what you have done for us and more importantly, what you have done for so many homeless/marginalised and single moms, I am including below what we do and who you are helping.

You may know our charity is 100% not for profit and accepts no funding from the government. Your total donation therefore, goes to supporting so many local people in need and is most appreciated. No one in our charity is paid.

‘You Have A Friend’, provides meals, grocery items, clothing and bedding for the many people we support each week. So many single parents are living with as little as $14 a week to spare. Many children go to school each day without breakfast and I know, often go to sleep at night cold and still hungry. Sadly in Coolangatta alone there are now over 15 women (35 – 55) sleeping in their cars!!!

Our charity provides over 300 meals a week on the streets. We also support many marginalised and residents in 8 local caravan parks, 2 boarding houses with many old people and those suffering substance abuse attempting to help themselves simply survive. We provide groceries as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to over 70 single mothers and children. Sadly, those numbers are steadily growing. The area we cover is from Uki, Mt. Warning, Wooyung, Kingscliff, Chinderah, Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads and Coolangatta.

A sincere thank you from me, our volunteers and the many people we provide assistance to. I always remind people, no one chose their parents. The life they are born into is their lot in life. We must just love and support our fellow humans. Your donation most certainly goes to supporting so many people.   God bless you and your family.

Yours faithfully

John Lee, B.Soc.Sci, PHF,


You Have A Friend Inc.