How to get TICKETS to our EVENTS – Top 10 ways not to miss out

With COVID restrictions in play and an ever growing subscriber and attendee list,  getting yourself and friends TICKETS to our events can be hard sometimes.

So we thought we should share all of our top tips that will help you access our TICKET SALES for our events.

Nudging Tip OneIt pays to SUBSCRIBE

All our email subscribers are informed on our TICKET SALES before they occur.

Email subscribers are given the first chance to PURCHASE TICKETS before we then announce later on Social Media.

When we do announce on Social Media it is typically when TICKETS SALES get close to 50% SOLD.

Following the link and going to our Cunning Stunts Website event page at the exact time our EVENT TICKET SALES starts gives you the best chance to score tickets.

We have reduced the TICKET order limits for each TICKET type to give everyone a fair chance.

Nudging Tip Two – Add us as a SAFE SENDER   Add us as a contact in your safe sender list in your email client.

Nudging Tip Three Check your bulk Email folders and make sure you are not out of email space

Getting our emails delivered and seen is usually based on you engaging with them and knowing which folder or tab they are delivered to.

For example GMAIL uses a promotions FOLDER.   With new changes coming for iOS devices soon, ensuring we can track your activity also helps with future delivery.
If our email ever ends up in your SPAM folder then mark our email as NOT SPAM to ensure future emails are delivered.

Nudging Tip FourFollow us on Social Media

Make sure to follow us on our social media profiles.


Instagram @cunningstuntsevents

Nudging Tip Five – Prioritise our posts 

In Facebook you can set priorities for the Cunning Stunts page follow actions so you see more of our posts in Newsfeed and also enable notifications.
Screen shots of how to do this are shown below for Facebook on DESKTOP.  Click the … to like and FOLLOW us.

Set the follow settings to Favourites in the NEWS FEED and change the NOTIFICATIONS for POSTS to STANDARD so you see all our key SALE related POSTS.



Nudging Tip Six – RSVP to our events on Facebook

We list all our events and create a Facebook Event page for each event.

For the event itself on Facebook make sure to set to Attending and you will then be kept up to date on event activities and have another chance of seeing POSTS for when we are on SALE for that event.

Nudging Tip Seven – Set a calendar reminder for when the TICKET SALE will commence.

Add a diary item for each event when you have read the SALE date and time commencement from our email announcements.

Nudging Tip Eight – Check back on our website regularly.

We list all our events on our website and display TICKET SALES links when SALES commence on our events.

Go to our events page to see all the latest EVENTS.  When Sales are happening the REGISTER button changes to BUY TICKET.

This is both on each event page itself and in the event listings.

Nudging Tip Nine – Subscribe with all your emails.

Many people use multiple email addresses so for the best chance to not miss a SALE email SUBSCRIBE with all of your emails addresses – yes even your work email address and that one you only use to download free things  🙂

Nudging Tip Ten – Phone a friend or check TIXEL

You can phone a friend and beg them for a spare ticket, or check Tixel as it is the only ticket resale platform we support.
Due to a massive amount of scammers that were operating and targeting our events – we had to make the decision to only support one official resale platform.

We understand it can be tough getting TICKETS and we hope to be able to get back to capacity that was in play before COVID.

We ensure a safe event space for all patrons and will continue to operate and follow all health and official state and federal guidelines so we can keep bringing you fantastic and fun events as well as  continue to fundraise for local charities.


For any issues accessing TICKETS then please feel free to CONTACT US with your issue – however note once we are SOLD OUT then we don’t have any magic reserves of TICKETS.

Due to COVID our guest list space is now half of what it was before so even though many people ask us for TICKETS there is little we can do once it is SOLD OUT.

We appreciate all your loyal support and attendance at our events creating shed magic memories and helping us raise $331k for local charities in Northern NSW.

$331k raised for local charities
$331k raised for local charities
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink - The Shed - The Billinudgel Hotel
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink – The Shed – The Billinudgel Hotel