Nudge gets paused, Curious gets re-booted

We started NUDGE in Dec 2015.  Our intention was to create awareness and funding for local charities providing really important yet under funded community services.

Now in our 4th season, we will have donated close to $300k after May 5 Nudge – this has had an enormous direct and indirect impact on our local community
The awareness outcomes are just as valuable but often forgotten.  Nudge has had a fantastic support from our community and we seriously appreciate your generosity.    What you might not realise, is that the amount of work this has turned into for our team is now becoming unsustainable.
It is for this reason that we have decided to pause NUDGE for a while – So Nudge on Sun June 2 will be the last NUDGE (for a while) !
We might do some pop up ones but our big news is that we will return to our beloved home The Billinudgel Hotel for a new residency and event.
Saturday Sep 7.   CURIOUS – Cosmic Osmosis.

Register on Facebook and don’t miss a beat or a ticket.

We will have guest local and international DJ’s and each month can take the CURIOUS filter and apply it how we feel will create the most unique and curious experiences.
Expect some of these events including our launch to feature live musicians playing with our DJs +  sprinkles of NUDGE style magic throughout.
It will mean we can focus all our energy on creating the best event we can produce.
Finally everyone who donates their time or their services will now actually get paid.
Serious respect to our team, all our dj’s, sound, lighting and photography, all our sponsors, volunteers and the charities we have supported.
Most of we would like to seriously thank you all – our most beautiful mix of souls – this is what has made NUDGE so special and we are committed to retaining this spirit with CURIOUS.

For this event we will look to donate a smaller % of accumulated funds to a few rather than supporting numerous charities.

CURIOUS in a nut shell….

  • It’s like NUDGE – The Saturday evening service – 1st sat of the month.
  • We Start later and go later.
  • No work the next day.
  • No raffle.
  • Same all inclusive vibe.
  • Variety of DJs and Live Musicians playing together taking great music to new heights.
  • More surprises to be revealed.171A4413



We are also going to run a competition to WIN an exclusive NUDGE pack where we want to get your input into the events we produce. So watch our for emails , website and social media to complete our survey and help us to continue to shape the best events in Byron Shire.

L O V E  Y O U – and see you in the shed.